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Can Picafort - 4 tourist apartments

TEd'A arquitectos.Irene Pérez i Jaume Mayol, Palma de Mallorca, ES

Can Picafort – 4 tourist apartments, TEd'A arquitectes, ES-Palma de Mallorca

First prize in the Category 1 "New Buildings". Jury statement: "The jury considers this project as a successful example of how existing structures can be renewed and maintain a new, intimate atmosphere. Ted'A arquitectes has transformed an existing building in the Majorcan tourist town of Can Picafort into four smaller housing units. Render comes to bear here as a synthesizing element, which unifies and combines different structural aspects. Plaster is not only used for covering in this project, but also for filling and combining. Above all, the imaginative and new use of the material – not only as a shell, but also as content – convinced the jury. In this way, qualities are worked out that were invisible before. It should be emphasized that with the simplest means much atmosphere is created here. The combination of bricks and plaster creates a special intimacy that at the same time looks elegant and rustic. The stone construction also protects against climatic conditions on the Balearic island. Sustainability is expressed here in the direct, sensitive and appreciating handling of material and inventory."

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Can Picafort, ES
TEd'A arquitectos.Irene Pérez i Jaume Mayol, Palma de Mallorca, ES
Luis Díaz Díaz, Vigo, ES
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