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Meeting Centre in Grândola, PT

Aires Mateus e Associados, Lisbon, PT

Meeting Centre in Grândola, Aires Mateus e Associados, PT-Lissabon

First prize in the Category 2 "New Buildings". Jury statement: The Meeting Centre in Grândola in its structure and colour builds on the established southern European tradition of smooth, white-plastered façades, while the abstract shape of the building clearly distances itself from it. Aires Mateus' design for a community centre is a very distinguished public building dedicated to the inhabitants. Deep cuts in the plaster façade create sculptural associations and qualities. The rooms appear like caves in the wall. The structure looks massive, but is interrupted by a rhythm of openings that relate to the environment. The hidden order behind these openings gives the building its monumentality. At the same time opaque and transparent, the building looks abstract due to its monochrome plaster cover. Thanks to the interplay of light and shade, the bright plaster conveys the impression of iridescent colors. Even though the building is very different from its surroundings, the focused openings establish a relationship with the environment.

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Grândola, PT
Aires Mateus e Associados, Lisbon, PT
Nelson Garrido, Caracas, VE
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